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In an effort to better serve our clients, Hernandez, Merigo & Hurtado has change to become HMH Legal, a Mexican Law Firm specializing and concentrating solely on credit management and debt collections in Mexico. For more information and free resources on credit and collections please visit us at

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"HERNANDEZ, MERIGO Y HURTADO S.C." is a professional group of lawyers located in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, specializing on providing legal consultation to foreign companies with their sale of goods into Mexico, and in-Court legal representation (litigation) with conflicts that arise out of these transactions.


If you are trying to reach the Mexican market, our team can guide through the vast distribution system available to help you make a wise decision, and further on help you properly secure all business transactions needed to start your distribution or selling process. Our specialized group has mainly focused on the following areas and services:

  • International sale of goods contracts;

  • Conditional contracts of sale and other security devices for open account credit sales;

  • Agency and sales representative contracts;

  • Distribution agreements and antitrust regulations;

  • Consignment and general deposit agreements;

  • Consumer protection laws and E-commerce regulation;

  • Licensing contracts and franchising agreements;

  • Manufacturing contracts (maquiladora);

  • Federal and State procurement law and general procurement process;

  • Translation of legal documents from English to Spanish.


There are two main areas of litigation on which our firm concentrates on: 1) commercial law; and 2) administrative law. This helps us fully assist our clients with problems arising out of B2B transactions, and with other problems resulting out of proceedings or resolutions from Mexican federal agencies or state authorities. Some of the most important services in these areas include:

  • International commercial claims and collections, including CISG litigation;

  • Complex commercial litigation and fraud related civil actions;

  • General contract enforcement or termination actions;

  • Trademark & patent enforcement and infringement prosecution;

  • Constitutional injunctions against resolutions or fines from consumer protection and antitrust Mexican authorities;

  • Nullity actions and petitions for review against resolutions and attachments (embargo) arising out of Mexican customs' executory proceedings (PAMA's);

  • Nullity actions and constitutional injunctions against audit procedures, resolutions and fines from federal and state tax authorities;

  • Constitutional injunctions against procurement procedures and awards.


Our firm is located in Tijuana, Baja California, premier City of the maquiladora industry in Mexico. Just 30 miles south of San Diego, California -top exporting region in the US-, our lawyers are bilingual and bicultural professionals who are active members of the international legal and business community through the Commercial Law League of America, the International Bar Association, the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce, and other prestigious organizations.

Needles to say, this quality help us keep well aware of the differences in legal systems and business practices around the world. It is only such an approach that makes it possible for a legal group to understand the problems that cross-border transactions present, and most importantly, the approach that cross-border litigation requires.

If your company is thinking about entering the Mexican market and would like further information about the distribution channels available in the country, or the general process for the proper sale of goods into Mexico, please feel free to make any consultation through our form. We encourage you to visit our main web site or to contact us should you need additional information about HMH Law, or should you have any problems or litigation needs in Mexico.


With best regards,

Romelio Hernandez
Hernandez, Merigo & Hurtado S.C.



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Law Firm in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
Law Firm in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.